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AVANZA is a service company in the consultancy and construction sectors that presume to have a young, experienced and multidisciplinary team

· High technical component ·
· Experience at your service ·
· Specific solutions ·
· Success guarantee ·


We are proud of so important clients as shown below have trusted in us


AVANZA offers its clients the possibility of carrying out their investments under the framework of an EPC or TURN-KEY CONTRACT.

Thus, AVANZA takes care of the design of the solutions that its clients needs, the technical and administrative management and of the construction.

In this way, the client receivs the facilities ready for the start-up, at the price agreed and on the established date, leaving AVANZA to coordinate all work until its completion.

Advantages of a TURN-KEY or EPC contract for the client...

1. Less effort

You must dedicate less effort, time and resources to control the work (not coordinator)

2. Integral Management

There is an integral management for all phases of the work, minimizing costs and deadlines.

3. Only one interlocutor and responsible

You have a single interlocutor to address and a single responsible in the work.

4. Higher quality

Higher quality work and reduction of defects and problems during construction.

5. Fixed price

The price of the investment is fixed in advance and the variations are minimized.

6. Fixed time schedule

The time-schedule is set at the beginning, guaranteeing the start up date.


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